Kathleen Keenan is a writer and photographer whose lifelong love affair with Chicago…its people, places and purposes…is reflected in her art.

Leading the Way: Charlie’s Story won a 2015 TELLY Outstanding Video Award. Watch the video.


She has photographed Chicago in a way that offers a new perspective to even the most seasoned Chicagophile. Her photo book, CitySkapes With A Twist, captures defining moments happened upon while walking the city’s streets and beaches, and was featured on WGN News.

 Keenan’s work has appeared in many venues, including the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, Poetry Magazine and USA Today. See more of Keenan’s featured work.

Visit her store to browse and purchase some of her latest photography.

Explore her site to learn more about Keenan, her writing, photography, videos and poetry. Visit her blog, City Girl With A Twist, to see her latest writing and photographs.